We believe that strong corporate governance gives the Company’s shareholders and other key stakeholders confidence in the Company’s trustworthiness, fairness and transparency. The practice of good governance is, therefore, an integral part of the way we manage the Company and plays an important role in shaping the Company’s long-term sustainable success and achieving our strategic objectives.

Our governance framework reflects the fact that, as an investment company, the Company has no employees, its Directors are all non-executive and its day-to-day activities, including investment management and administration, are outsourced to external service providers.

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The Board of NextEnergy Solar Fund Limited publishes the results each year of the General Annual Meeting with the full list of all the resolutions approved by the stakeholders during the meeting.


AGM Results


The role of the Board is to promote the long-term sustainable success of the Company, generating value for our shareholders whilst regarding the interests of wider stakeholders.

The Board oversees the execution of the Company’s strategy and implementation of its key investment, financial, operational and compliance policies, enabling it to scrutinise robustly and challenge constructively the performance of the Investment Manager, Investment Adviser and Administrator.

Board members