How To Invest

NextEnergy Solar Fund is listed on the premium segment of the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250.

To invest into NextEnergy Solar Fund (Ticker: NESF), you can instruct a professional adviser or broker to purchase the shares on your behalf.  Alternatively, you can invest via one of the many online trading platforms that are linked below.

Disclaimer: Before investing, we would strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice. As with any investing, capital is at risk.

Investment Platforms:

Investment Objective

NESF’s investment objective is to provide ordinary shareholders with attractive risk‑adjusted returns, principally in the form of regular dividends, through a diversified portfolio of solar energy infrastructure assets and complementary technologies, such as energy storage.

Investment Strategy

Growth strategies & KPI

NextEnergy Solar Fund is a specialist solar and energy storage climate impact fund, with a diversified high-quality portfolio, mandate for growth and a diverse pipeline of new opportunities.

The Company continues to present investors, both current and new, with an attractive opportunity to invest, particularly as the Company strategically positions itself for the next stage of technological and geographic growth. The Company also offers investors inflation linked protection, as a large proportion of revenues are linked to Retail Price Index (“RPI”) via government subsidies.

Furthermore, NESF continues to play a part in tackling global climate change and enhancing local biodiversity, as well as helping reduce the use of hydrocarbons in generating electricity in the UK and further afield.

The Company is currently advancing a pipeline of UK investment opportunities, international investment opportunities and battery storage opportunities to complement the portfolio and diversify asset-specific and market risks.