ESG and Sustainability Team

Dedicated Team and Accountability

The dedicated NextEnergy Capital ESG team which advises NESF has doubled in size in the last 12 months, to six people, expanding its skillset and expertise. This reflects NESF’s commitment to ensuring a robust Sustainability and ESG approach is maintained at the heart of its work. The ESG team advising NESF consists of a Head of ESG, Vice President, two Associates, and two Analysts, who all have targets in their individual performance goals relating to ESG. These relate, for example, to developing expertise in specific areas to support transaction due diligence processes, and leading strategic projects that extend across NESF’s activities, including responsible sourcing.

NESF benefits extensively from the talented and committed teams of NextEnergy Capital and WiseEnergy. Their employees share a passion for the NESF Mission, and contribute a breadth of specialist skills. In particular, under Giulia Guidi’s leadership, the ESG team at NextEnergy Capital is responsible for leading on the NESF Sustainability and ESG agenda, risk management, reporting and stakeholder engagement.

Overall, the dedicated ESG team has 50 years of combined experience across a range of sustainability and ESG issues relating to the energy sector. Other NESF advisers include a senior Environmental Impact Manager who is dedicated to valuing the natural capital of NESF’s portfolio, and the NextEnergy Capital senior management team, which has extensive strategic and operational experience of engaging with Sustainability and ESG topics across energy and infrastructure projects.

Dedicated ESG Team
Giulia Guidi
Giulia is the Head of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at NextEnergy Capital and a member of the Investment Committee for NextEnergy Solar Fund.
David Hawkings
David has over 10 years’ sustainability and environmental experience in the energy sector.
Kevin McCann
Kevin supports a range of transaction, supply chain and due diligence initiatives to ensure responsible investment across the NESF portfolio.
Flavia Galdiolo
Flavia leads the NextEnergy Group’s strategic sustainability and ESG engagement and communication, and manages the NextEnergy Foundation.
Marianna Ricca
Marianna undertakes Sustainability and ESG due diligence for acquisitions and identifies key risks and compliance gaps with international standards.
Dedicated Sustainability Team
Hing Kin Lee
Lee has over 18 years’ experience in the environmental sector and provides environmental governance across the portfolio.
Sulwen Vaughan
Sulwen has over 30 years’ business management experience and provides oversight to the NESF portfolio from a Special Purpose Vehicle level.