Governance & Policies

Strong corporate governance gives the Company’s shareholders and other key stakeholders confidence in the Company’s trustworthiness, fairness and transparency. The practice of good governance is, therefore, an integral part of the way the Board of Directors manage the Company and plays an important role in shaping the Company’s long-term sustainable success and achieving our strategic objectives.

Diversity of Board


  • Audit Committee – Chaired by Patrick Firth
  • Remuneration and Nominations Committee – Chaired by Vic Holmes
  • Management Engagement Committee – Chaired by Joanne Peacegood
  • ESG Committee – Chaired by Josephine Bush

Sustainability Policies

As a listed investment company, NextEnergy Solar Fund benefits from enhanced governance and policies from both its independent board and the board of its investment manager, NextEnergy Capital.

NESF’s Sustainable Investment Policy reflects its commitment to governance and is based on the UN Principles for Responsible Investment. It sets out the principles, excluded activities, integration, engagement, reporting, and governance processes related to ESG.

The Board provides oversight and strict governance to all activities across the fund, whilst the NEC Leadership Team reviews the policy used for day-to-day activities regularly to ensure they are fit for purpose.  The Board have recently announced a new NESF ESG Committee, which comprises of ESG experts across both the independent board and NEC, which is responsible for reviewing and signing off changes to the NESF Policies.

To support NESF’s Sustainable Investment Policy, there are currently two Position Statements – on climate change and human rights.  Their purpose is to enhance the transparency of, and commitments to NESF’s three pillars. A third Position Statement on biodiversity is to be released soon.

NESF has also developed and implemented a Code of Conduct for Suppliers, which provides additional guidance regarding our expectations to any contractors and suppliers we work with.

Together, this suite of documents represent NextEnergy Solar Funds Sustainability Policies.


  • Sustainable Investment Policy (link)
  • Climate Change Position Statement (link)
  • Human Rights Position Statement (link)
  • Code of Conduct for Suppliers (link)

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