NextEnergy Foundation

The NextEnergy Group, as the founding sponsor of the NextEnergy Foundation, donates at least 5% of its net annual profits to the Foundation.

NextEnergy Foundation is an international charity which was founded in 2016.

It’s mission is to participate proactively in the global effort to reduce carbon emissions, provide clean power sources in regions where they are not yet available, and contribute to poverty alleviation.

It has a vision to provide energy and light from renewable energy sources to underserved regions, as well as to benefit the local communities in which the NextEnergy Group is present, and beyond.

An investment into NextEnergy Energy Solar fund actively helps contribute towards the Foundation and the brilliant work it does in helping improve the world we live in.


Countries supported 26
Donations given in FY 21/22 £100,000 by NextEnergy Solar Fund
Donations given to date £666,409 by NextEnergy Capital
UN Sustainable Development Goal's supported 15

Project Case Study: Response to Ukraine-Russia Conflict

Alongside advancing its core mission, NextEnergy Foundation addresses the most pressing crises across the globe. Most recently, we are supporting initiatives to respond to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Project Case Study: SolarAid

NextEnergy Foundation is supporting a new project with SolarAid to recruit, train and support women entrepreneurs to run solar light businesses across rural Malawi.

Across sub-Saharan Africa, energy poverty disproportionately affects women and girls, and women entrepreneurs face far more barriers to running sustainable businesses in rural communities than men. However, it has been shown that women are key change-makers in providing energy access to rural communities.

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