Our Investment Case

Abundant clean energy source

  • Enough solar energy hits the Earth in a single hour to power the energy needs of the entire human population for a year.
  • Solar is the cheapest form of renewable energy generation and quickest to construct.

Reliable investment with attractive growth prospects

  • Provides a regular attractive dividend for income seeking investors.
  • Offers a natural hedge against inflation with a high proportion of regulated revenues linked to RPI.
  • Large diversified operating portfolio with incremental growth prospects through the introduction of complementary technologies, such as Energy Storage.

Proven and stable technology

  • Reliable and predictable source of electricity due to high consistency in yearly irradiation and minimal moving parts.
  • Long useful life (25-40 years) with high proportion of contracted cash flows from operating solar assets.

Cost-effective electricity generation

  • Active portfolio management provides prudent cost of operation, maintenance and replacement of assets.
  • Solar technology has benefited from a significant reduction in costs, falling over 90% in the last ten years. Subsidy-free solar assets are economically competitive and provide attractive financial returns.

Climate change solution

  • Fundamental to achieving a more sustainable future by accelerating the transition to clean and sustainable energy.
  • Meaningful contribution to reducing CO2e emissions through the generation of clean electricity.
  • Investment in solar provides significant biodiversity benefits to the local surrounding areas.

Positioned for growth

  • Exciting pipeline which includes both Solar and Energy Storage asset opportunities
  • The growth potential in solar and energy storage is huge, a predicted 7,749GW is anticipated to be installed globally by 2050, up from 832GW in 2019.
  • Exceptional track record in delivering returns and growth to investors