Private Investors

NextEnergy Solar Fund invests in physical solar farms and complementary energy storage assets.

The Fund has c.£1.2 billion assets under management, with an investment objective to provide ordinary shareholders with an attractive income, principally in the form of regular and reliable dividends.

NextEnergy Solar Fund makes a material difference in tackling climate change and increasing energy security in the countries in which its assets operate. In light of this, the Fund has been awarded the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark which recognises that the Fund derives more than 50% of its revenues from services that are contributing to environmental objectives such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste and pollution reduction, and the circular economy.

Why Invest?

How do Solar Farms work?

Clean, green energy;

  1. Solar panels produce electricity using the photovoltaic effect, harnessing irradiation from the sun.
  2. A solar panel is made up of lots of individual solar modules.  Several panels together are called a solar array. Multiple arrays create a solar farm.
  3. Electricity is converted using an inverter to  alternating current (AC), rather than direct current (DC).
  4. A step-up transformer converts the required voltage for grid transmission.
  5. Electricity generated is recorded by a meter as it passes to the grid.